The Life-Guard removable pool fence is a fully removable, modular fence system that can be installed around most pools and into a variety of surfaces. These surfaces include brick, concrete, tile and stone. Fence panels are 1.2m high and are made up in standard 5m sections using a special imported PVC coated polyester mesh that is attached to aluminium poles. Custom sizes and lengths can also be easily manufactured.

The tension based system utilizes a series of fence sections that fit into holes that have been core-drilled into the pool deck. Each hole is sleeved with a PVC sleeve, and each fence section is connected at the top with a brass, spring-loaded safety hook. This provides a rigid, secure, yet unobtrusive barrier around the pool area.

The removable pool fence is constructed with an imported PVC mesh fabric that is specially manufactured in the USA for the pool fence industry. The mesh is both UV and mildew resistant to provide years of use in the harshest outdoor conditions. It’s high tensile strength rating makes it impossible to rip under normal conditions. Each fence panel is bordered by a rip-proof vinyl binding, that keeps the fence from sagging and helps maintain the necessary tension along the top and bottom of the fence. The border binding is stitched onto the mesh with the strongest UV protected polyester thread to allow for years of outdoor use. The mesh is securely mounted to construction-grade aluminium poles using a specially moulded aluminium strip and rust-proof stainless steel screws.

The Gate
An optional self closing gate is available with a double latch system included.